Dave Chappelle calls for boycott of Chappelle Show

In a new Instagram video post, Dave Chappelle performs a 14-minute comedy show titled “Unforgiven”. Unforgiven details his start in comedy and moments in his life when he was taken advantage of by people more powerful than him. The comedian discusses having a joke, $60, and lastly his comedy sketch show Chappelle Show taken from him because he too young, naive, and broke to protect himself. 

Chappelle, who recently hosted the first Saturday Night Live after the Presidential election, discovered his Comedy Central show would begin streaming on Netflix and HBOMax after agreeing to host SNL. Chappelle informs us, HBO rejected Chappelle Show prior to it being picked up by Comedy Central and was told by an HBO executive, “what do we need you for?”

While Chappelle was able to convince Netflix to stop streaming his show, HBOMax is still streaming the show. Chappelle is calling for a boycott on “himself” until ViacomCBS—the parent company of Comedy Central—agrees to renegotiate his original contract and pay him for streaming his show. 

The full show has been posted below.

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