Trailer: American Skin || Directed by Nate Parker

American Skin, the new film by Nate Parker, tells the story of Lincoln Jefferson who is seeking justice for the killing of his son by law enforcement during a traffic stop. Nate Parker stars in the role of Lincoln Jefferson alongside Omari Hardwick, who stars as Omar Scott. Hardwick recently concluded a six-year run as James “Ghost” St. Patrick on the hit-show Power. American Skin is Parker’s second film, following the critically acclaimed Birth of a Nation, which tells the story of Nat Turner and a 48-hour slave revolt.

Oscar award-winning director Spike Lee attached himself to the film after a private screening from Nate Parker and did press for the film during the 2019 Venice Film Festival in which the film won the Sconfini Section Prize for Best Film. The support from Spike Lee is bound to increase interest in the film as well as protect Parker from racist film critics who have created scandal around Parker before to prevent his debut film Birth of a Nation from reaching a larger audience as well as recognition from the Academy Awards.

American Skin is set for release Jan 21, 2021

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