Three Black Men Running for Mayor of New York

It’s been nearly 30 years since New Yorkers elected David Dinkins the 1st Black Mayor of New York and now New Yorkers have the chance of electing the second Black Mayor. The upcoming Mayoral race features 3 prominent Black men seeking to replace the outgoing mayor, Bill DeBlasio.

Ray Mcguire, a Harvard-educated Wallstreet executive, and father of 3 announced his candidacy with a video narrated by famed New York director Spike Lee. The investment banker sported Air Jordans, quoted Muhammad Ali, and showcased New York’s prominent institutions as he told his story of coming from a single-parent home to graduating from Harvard University. McGuire, according to an article on, has support from The Tisch Family who co-own the New York Giants football team.

Eric Adams, the current Borough President of Brooklyn and former State Senator and NYPD police Captain has been on the front lines fighting for the Black and Brown community and leading by example in his community. Adams, the product of a single-parent home and the CUNY college system, became a police officer to change the system from within after being the victim of police brutality at the age of 15. During his career as a New York Police officer, Adams protected the community and called out his fellow officers for the mistreatment of people of color, and was vocal against the controversial stop and frisk law which led to many Black and Brown men being harassed by law enforcement. Adams’ also defeated a type-2 diabetes diagnosis by adopting a Vegan diet.

Issac Wright Jr, the inspiration behind the ABC hit drama, For Life, announced his candidacy for Mayor via Wright, who is currently practicing law in New Jersey for Hunt, Hamlin & Ridley wants to get New York back on track amidst its rise in crime, joblessness, and the on-going Corona Virus pandemic. Wright states he will “address the racial, economic, environmental, and educational injustices that plague our city’s institutions.” Wright’s show is currently #1 on ABC and he has already secured the endorsement of the show’s Executive Producer, 50 Cent.

The full list of Mayoral Candidates can be found here.

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