Chappelle Show returns to Netflix

Last year, Dave Chappelle released the comedy special “Unforgiven” on his instagram page and called out Comedy Central and ViacomCBS for bad business practices. Chappelle signed a bad contract at the beginning of his career with Comedy Central and was not being properly compensated for the usage of his name and content on streaming platforms in business with ViacomCBS. Chappelle took his grievances to his fans and requested they boycott Chappelle Show; while Netflix took the show off their platform in respect to their burgeoning relationship with Chappelle who has so far completed 3 specials for the streaming platform.

After the release of Unforgiven, Chappelle was able to work out his difference with ViacomCBS, and Chappelle Show is once again being streamed on Netflix. In response to his victory, Chappelle released Redemption Song on his instagram page which details his bout with coronavirus, the Capitol Riots, while thanking the head of ViacomCBS, Netflix, and Comedy Central for better business practices.

The full special is below and can also be watched directly on Chappele’s instagram page.

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