OPINION: Rapper Styles P. confronts Yonkers Police Officers

Rapper Styles P interjected himself in the detainment of a “person of color” in Yonkers. The rapper was seen in an Instagram video post degrading and cursing out Yonkers police officers for taking down Bianca McCovery–who was unable to produce a license, insurance, or registration for his/her moped and decided to flee the scene on foot while pushing the moped.

Styles and Bianca made fools of themselves for the world to see and viewers should take note to avoid similar situations. For years now, many (not all) Black people have played the race card in incidents involving law enforcement yet they’ve never acknowledged the nonsense that brought law enforcement into their spaces. Bianca McCovery drove recklessly while knowing her moped was uninsured, unregistered and she didn’t have a license and when the law caught up to him/her, Styles P and her friend used every card in the deck to make the officers look bad and Bianca innocent. That is unacceptable and no different than rich whites who use their wealth and power to keep their knucklehead children out of jail.

The injustice Black people faced decades and centuries ago is exploited by many immature and spoiled negroes who refuse to follow rules and laws. We are only 2 years removed from the killing of George Floyd and many Black people continue to maneuver in this country with no respect for rules and laws. Understand, the George Floyd incident began not with cops harassing him but rather his decision to purchase a pack of cigarettes with a fake $20 bill. The entire country mourned and raged over this man and it all could’ve been avoided had he not used a fake $20 bill. Styles P and Bianca’s friend made fools of themselves because Bianca ran from the cops. She made a selfish and reckless decision and should apologize for wasting folks time and energy.

And finally, the cops deserve apologies because they did absolutely nothing wrong–a person’s race, gender, or sexual orientation doesn’t exempt them from following the law. It does not give them the right to endanger the lives of others.

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