Libs of TikTok Creator Revealed

The woman behind the controversial Libs of TikTok Twitter account made her first appearance on Tucker Carlson Today. Chaya Raichik created her Twitter account two years ago during the pandemic to showcase content being released by left-wing liberals that had not been seen by everyday conservatives; her account grew in popularity and has amassed 1.7 million followers to date.

During the interview, Raichik–who is not a journalist or media professional–discussed the reason she decided to no longer remain anonymous. Raichik believes she’ll be more “effective” by doing speaking engagements and educating mothers unfamiliar with the information being published on social media by liberal educators and LGBTQ+ authority figures. Furthermore, she states the reason she’s been doxxed and harassed is that she’s sharing public information with a conservative audience.

The full interview is posted below.

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