The Ancestors

JDNews, USA stands on the foundation of Black and Brown journalist who fought for people of color to have a voice in America. As a Haitian-American, its important that stand close to those spoke for those without a large platform – Jeff “Jefe” Delices

If there is no struggle, there is no progress.

Frederick Douglass was one of the first Black heroes of my childhood and has been an inspiration throughout my life. As I decided to create my news website to document and write about events pertaining to the Black and Brown communities in America, I feel I should dedicate my efforts to his legacy and life’s work. This page and the content of this site will be a testament to my love and respect for his life and legacy.

When you educate a woman, you educate a family. – Jovita Idar

Jovita Idar is a Mexican-American journalist and Civil Rights leader who began her journalism career writing for her father’s newspaper covering racism, segregation, and poverty. She’s known for the founding of the League of Mexican Woman and Evolucion, a newspaper which she founded after the destruction of her family newspaper.

Jean Dominique is a Haitian Journalist and former agronomist who grew in prominence in Haiti for covering politics in Haiti. Dominique challenged politicians and showed no bias for any political party. His work made him many enemies and ultimately cost him his life. He was more than a journalist, he was an activist and presented information and truth for Haitians living in Haiti and abroad.

Peter Jennings was the anchor of ABC World News Tonight during my childhood; he was the most informative journalist that I’ve ever come across and serve as the first example of good journalism and objective news. I can still remember his reports and his person of the week segment. He never made the news about himself. While he is neither Black or American, Jennings is one of the best journalists that I have ever studied.

Star aka Troi Torain is still living unlike the previously mentioned. Star is the Michael Jordan of morning radio. He changed the landscape of morning radio and presented news and information in a fashion unlike anyone of his time. He broke barriers, opened doors, and crossed lines showing his audience that he would be who he wanted to be and could not a tool for anyone’s agenda.