The Friendship of Malcolm X and Yuri Kochiyama

Today is the 96th Birthday of the late Minister Malcolm X and on this day, I learned of his friendship with Yuri Kochiyama. I have grown quiet conservative and close-minded over the years, solely focused on myself and my interest. However, during my recent fitness journey, I decided to make time for matters greater than myself to find solutions to some of the problems facing the world today. I began reading about Asian American history and culture, which I was somewhat familiar with from my early twenties when I would visit various restaurants to get a sense of different cultures. This effort of mine led me to looking for well-known Asian Americans and I came across the story of Yuri via Journalist Lisa Ling’s Instagram page.

Anyway, the clip of Malcolm and Yuri’s friendship is below. Yuri was 4 years older than Malcolm and the two shared the same birthday, May 19th.

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